iWatch Team Gets Philip’s Sleep and Activity Monitoring Expert

The word out there is that Apple has now employed a sleep research expert from Philips, the Dutch tech giant. The name of the individual is Roy J.E.M Raymann and he comes from the research and development arm of the company, assuming for the iWatch team.

The new report says that the guy has a lot of experience in sensors, werables and non-pharmacological methods for improving the quality of sleep, indicating that Apple is aiming for more than a smart watch.

9toMac’s Jordan Kahn says:
Philips Research confirmed “that as of January 1 Roy has left the company,” but wouldn’t confirm or deny if he left for a position at Apple.
And he also participated in various research projects related to sleep in his time as a senior scientist at Phillips Research:
He has written extensively on “mild skin warming” as a non-pharmacological method of altering “sleep-pressure, sleep quality and alertness.” He also has extensive experience in researching wearable sensors and miniaturization of sensors related to tracking sleep and alertness activity.
Also, he founded the Brain, Body and Behavior group and the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory at his previous company. He also has been responsible for carrying out initiatives related to sleep and activity analyzing under the Consumer Lifestyle Sleep Research program.

His LinkeIn profile doesn’t mention Apple yet, but does note that his role at the Sleep-Wake Research under Dutch Society has come to an end.

Apple also employed Michael ‘O Reilly a week ago, the ex-executive VP at Masimo Corporation and chief medical officer.

Also, two mobile medical tech experts joined earlier in Jan, making speculators say that the device can analyze blood and glucose levels, and perhaps heart rates and breathing rates.

The features are expected to work in sync with Healthbook, a new application purported for iOS 8.

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