iTunes 11.1.5 Fixes iTunes Quit Issue & Provides Better Compatibility For iBooks

The iOS 7.1 is expected to be release in Mid-March, so there’s still time before you can get the new OS version, which brings new features such as volume services.

However, you can update to the latest iTunes as Apple has released a new update, bringing it to the version 11.1.5.

Sadly there is nothing to be excited about, as it is more of a maintenance release, implying that you only get to take advantage of handful improvements.

Some of the improvements include a fix of an issue that was making iTunes quit without any reasoning when an iDevice was synced and better compatibility for iBooks to users who use it on OS X Mavericks.

The tiny change log accompanied by the update is as follows:
- This update fixes a problem that may cause iTunes to quit unexpectedly when a device is connected and improves compatibility with iBooks for Mac on OS X Mavericks.
If you are looking to download iTunes 11.1.5, then you can grab it from the Mac App Store – the file size is 81.4 MB and it is available under the ‘Updates’ tab. Alternatively you can grab it from this download link. Feel free to share comments if you find any other improvements.


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