iPhone 6: what the Coming iPhone could look like if it grows in size

As we know, one month ago, The Wall Street Journal reported Apple will launch two new iPhones in the second half of 2014: one with a screen larger than 4.5 inches and one with a screen larger than 5 inches. The current iPhone 5S and 5C have screens which measure 4 inches diagonally. If you can't wait to see what a big screen iPhone would look like, here are Federico Ciccarse' revelation about the larger iPhone:
The front and curved back of the iPhone 6 concept design. 
Getting Bigger

Ciccarese's vision for an iPhone with a 5.5-inch display (1,568 x 878 pixels) as well as one with a 4.7-inch (1,338 x 750) display. The 4-inch iPhone 5S (1,138 x 649) is shown to the left

The move from the iPhone 4-inch display would dip into the much-debated "phablet" category.

Designer Federico Ciccarse opted to give his concepts a curved back, even though The Wall Street Journal indicated the coming models will be flat

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