iOS 7.1 Releases On March 15 & Spruces Up Mobile Device Management

As it stands, Apple has released 5 iOS 7.1 betas for developers, and the public version is expected to be released next month. The update is being purported as the largest one to the iOS system since the release of iOS 7 in fall 2013, and it is expected to include several improvements.

What are those improvements going to be? There hasn’t been a lot of word, expect for the fact that the beta included a few UI tweaks and some performance improvements, but no features were revealed in the betas.

However, a new report says that iOS 7.1 can introduce new tools or mobile device management. Here’s the excerpt from AppleInsider: the source with the latest scoop:
“An unverified source reported to AppleInsider that Apple is working with a select few MDM vendors and institutional clients on efforts to improve iOS managed deployment, and that those improvements are currently set to ship as part of iOS 7.1 “around March 15.” While only a vague date was offered in regard to the release, the person did provide concrete information on Apple’s mass device deployment initiative, including new never-before-seen features.”
The new called for features include the ability granted to organizations such as the government and schools to control mobile device fleets, which can include profile set ups, app install controls and blocking certain websites.

More specifically, the new update is going to put an end to issue that involved students bypassing restrictions placed by the school on their iPads. This even went viral as news and was a dent to iPad-in-education campaign.

Furthermore, iOS 7.1 will also bring the iOS in the Car feature.

Do these new features appeal to you? What are your expectations from iOS 7.1? Feel free to leave comments.


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