iOS 7.1 Coming In March – Says Almost Everyone

Updates to iOS come out after a few weeks of a major iOS launch in the usual cycle, but Apple recently shifted from an 18 month OS X cycle to an annual OS X update, indicating that engineers at the fruit company are taking more time to solve problems, issues and complaints that users have witnessed in iOS 7 since the September release in 2013.

Now the latest buzz word out there is that… the iOS 7.1 will be publicly released in March. BGR pointed out days ago that the iOS 7.1 beta 5 was the last one, hinting at a public release soon. They also say that one source points towards an early March release and several other sources like 9to5Mac.

We may or may not see another beta before that however. Also, a GM build, the final version to be released, will be released, and it is usual for the GM build to be exactly similar to the final version in terms of features and the code.

The main focus of iOS 7.1 is to fix the crashing and performance issues that result from low memory and bugs. The crashing takes place on A7 64-bit devices like iPad Air and iPhone 5s because the iOS 7 relies on 32-bit and 64-bit system framework when launching on 64-bit devices, adding more to the overhead consumption.

Apart from these features, user facing improvements such as a new design for shift and Caps lock keys, a revamped UI for phone dialer, new animations for slide-to-power off and slide-to-unlock and new voices for female and male Siri in some countries are expected, and a lot more.

What are you looking forward to seeing in iOS 7.1? Feel free to leave comments.


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