iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Patches More Evasi0n Jailbreak Exploits

Yesterday we told you about the release iOS 7.5 beta 5 and the features it brings to the table, but you might not be aware of what Apple has done with it in terms of the jailbreaking scene.

Evad3r’s evasi0n7 made the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak possible, but since then, Apple has been doing what it can to put an end to these exploits, and with the release of iOS 7.1 beta 4, they were successful in plugging some of the kernels used in the jailbreak. More was expected in the iOS 7 beta 5 firmware release.

Thought the iOS 7.1 beta and the next two versions didn’t show any patches, it was evident that Apple would do something sooner or later. Last week iH8sn0w also tweeted that the iOS 7.1 beta 4 was patched a bit.
He then lately tweets that the iOS 7.1 beta 5 has patches for AFC sandbox escape and chown vulnerability. This means Apple has started closing the opened doors that led to the jailbreak, and all of them may be shut down for good in the iOS 7.1 GM release.

All the updates are coming from iH8sn0w, but evad3rs are staying quite; MuscleNerd pointed out jailbreak teams rarely say anything about beta releases.

iOS 7.1 GM release is nearing, and evad3rs silence may mean they might just have something up their sleeves. What do you think?


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