iOS 7.0.6 Adoption 13.3 Percent Just 2 Days After Release Due To SSL Vulnerability

Apple has fixed the SSL bug which was haunting Macs, Apple TV and iOS devices, but it has to be seen how many iDevice users are running iOS 7.0.6 which patches the vulnerability.

Chitika reports that 13.3 percent of users in North America are on the firmware within 48 hours after its release. The analytics firm said:
“More than two full days since Apple pushed the fix live, 13.3 percent of iOS traffic is driven by the latest update,”
Apple OS updates have strong adoption as these updates are not dependent on alert prompts on carriers.

Chitika further says that ‘tens of million’ of Canadian and U.S. online ad impressions from iOS devices generated within their network from Feb 21 – Feb 23 were examined to generate the figures.

The chart shows that the adoption rate of iOS 7.0.6 in North America grew significantly on 23rd Feb.

“Steep rate of adoption is a promising sign that a majority of iOS users could be running the updated OS within the next week,” noted Chitika.

Here's the chart:
 iPads have a two percent points lower rate of adoption compared to the lag of 6 percentage points when it comes to overall iOS 7 adoption of the firmware on iPads vs iPhones.
As for the breakdown by device, iOS 7.0.6 users account for 14.5 percent iOS based traffic in North America. The major iPhone web traffic, up to 84 percent, comes from iOS 7 users in both U.S. and Canada.

You can also update to iOS 7.0.6 to stay safe from the SSL bug – it can allow hackers to steal iCloud data, passwords, username, Calendar entries and other important information. The bug is created in Safari so using a third party browser can act as a safety measure.

Apple has also released OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update which patches this SSL bug on Mac devices. As for Apple TV users, they can update to Apple TV 6.0.2 software to stay safe from this vulnerability.

Have you updated to iOS 7.0.6?


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