How To Add A Speed Dial Shortcut To The Phone Icon In iOS 7

For many iOS users, life would be unimaginable without a jailbreak, as it’s nothing short of a revolution, enabling us to carry out multiple tasks and tweak most areas of the OS that would otherwise have been impossible. 

Phontact reminds us of just how useful jailbreak tweaks can be: it presents you a special facility for speed dial, which appears when you swipe the phone icon in multiple directions. It brings into attention the primary function of what an iPhone is used for: calling (though many of us have forgotten why we really buy cellphones because of games, apps etc.)

Phontact makes phone calling easier as you can straight away make a call through swiping on the top of the phone icon. This works for all your contacts included in the speed dial and shortens the time to start a conversation with your peers.

Apart from the standard voice call you can make with Phontact, you can also make FaceTime calls quickly. And from the Settings menu, you can configure the contacts that should be on the speed-dial list. There is a capacity for four contacts to be included, one for upward, downward, rightward and leftward swipe each.

So if you are ready to add life to your phone icon and make it more functional through gestures, Phontact should be on your device. You can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for a mere $0.99. Feel free to share your experiences when you try out this jailbreak app.


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