GuestMode: Add A Guest Mode To Your iPhone

Giving access of an iOS device to multiple users is one of the most desired features, but Apple hasn’t taken notice, which is why most of us turn to the jailbreak community for a way forward… and they don’t let our expectations down in most instances.

This is evident from the release of GuestMode, a tweak that may not allow a pure multiple user facilitation, but brings a guest feature that allows you to share your iDevice with multiple guest users, but they can’t modify your files and applications.

The tweak has been thought out pretty well and is accompanied by several hefty features. As soon as you download it on your jailbroken device, you’re granted the role of the ‘administrator’, and then you are able to customize the guest account preferences (the account accessed by others).

GuestMode also has a Settings menu form where you can define the apps that the guests can see and the ones that should remain out of view. This feature can also be a blessing in disguise for parents, who want their kids to enjoy the device, but not access harmful content through browsers or make phone calls by mistake.
There are a number of ways through which this tweak can be activation. The Settings menu lets you configure them, such as a left swipe on the screen launches the tweak as well as the guest button on the lock screen and gestures provided by the custom Activator. There’s even an option to set a password for the guests.

If GuestMode appeals to you, it’s just 99 cents away at the BigBoss repository of the Cydia Store. Let us know if you give it a try and how it works out for the guests you grant access to.


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