Hacker Wincm Is Joining Apple This Year

Apple still planning to get all popular hackers to its side and leave jailbreak scene empty.. It looks like that another popular hacker will join Apple this year. Following the footsteps of jailbreak community members Comex and Peter Hajas, jailbreak developer Winocm announced this afternoon on Twitter that he would be joining Apple.

It’s still unclear as to what capacity he’ll be joining Apple, but if the past is any indication, it’s probably for an internship—Just like Hajas, and Comex a.k.a. Nicholas Allegra. I’ve reached out to Winocm for a comment, but he declined to elaborate. It looks like he’s already getting used to the Apple culture…
Here's the tweet:
As for what he will actually be doing at Apple, it’s anyone’s guess at the moment. He’s proven to be a multifaceted talent in the iOS community, whose most high profile projects involved a series of jailbreak releases.

So seriously guys, who's next ?

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