Grand LS: iOS 7 Lockscreen Theme That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

There’s no better thing that having a minimalist, clutter free lockscreen without all the bells and whistles. If your current lockscreen is now getting boring, you should take a look at GRAND LS – a new lockscreen that features an artistic digital clock and a lot of interface customization options.

The app even has a night-stand kind of look, and it would look amazing when you set it as default and attach your iPhone to a dock, a holder or a stand of some kind. The clock takes a large area of the display; however it doesn’t make the backdrop unclear.

This means that if there is nice wallpaper set in the background, you’ll still be able to benefit from its aesthetic appeal without having to forgo of GRAND Lockscreen. What’s even more interesting is that there have been several themes released for iOS 7, but this one right here allows you to tinker the font’s opacity and color, and it works with any color or theme in the world.

If you like the outlook of this theme, you can install it on your device from Cydia’s ModMyi repository. It comes with a mere price tag of $0.99. Let us know if you give it a try and feel free to leave comments.


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