Flappy Bird removed from App Store

While users across the globe are still bewildered, Dong Nguyen, developer of Flappy Bird, has removed the app from App Store. There is yet to be a convincing reason given out as to why the developer opted to roll out, at the peak of the game’s success.

From what has been shared across social media, the developer apparently disliked the fame that was being associated with him after the success of Flappy Birds. For him, the success was unexpected; coming some months after the game had been released.

According to his Twitter, Nguyen would continue his game making practice, and that he had no intention to sell Flappy Birds.

The confusion comes on the accord that the app was reportedly earning $50K per day, a mammoth amount. Many wonder how such revenue could be a source of discomfort for a developer.

Among other opinions in the market, one is that of legal nature. The decision may have been forced because the game takes inspiration of design elements from none other than Nintendo. The developer has denied this as being the cause of removal, but it is still being discussed.

Users who had already downloaded the app can continue playing it. However, as of Sunday, the game is no longer available on the App Store. People may also look at substitute games such as Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block, which have game design similar to Flappy Birds. Ironpants is another popular game considered as a Flappy Bird knockoff.


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