Flappy Bird Installed iPhones selling for $100K on eBay

The Flappy Bird saga is still ongoing with the developer pulling the game from the App Store. However, this has resulted in a unique sale on eBay.

It was a moment of good opportunity has consumers on eBay put up iPhones which had Flappy Bird installed on it. The interesting thing is not the sale, but rather the prices that these phones are being sold at.

Flappy Bird, which garnered an overnight success, took an anti-climax turn when its developer decided to remove the game. This outcome has spawned a number of opportunists look to make hay while the sun shines.

The kind of bidding that is going on eBay is crazy with one 16GB iPhone 5S with Flappy Bird installed, priced at $99,900. Unbelievable, right? The credentials of the seller are authentic, ruling out any fishy stuff.

Compared to the $100K price tag, there are more than a dozen other similar iPhones going for more than $50,000. The selling pitch is simple since the iPhone with Flappy Birds is sold as a collectible item.

Flappy Birds has created a lot of hullabaloo during the last couple of days. The game’s success was so extensive that it was a source of $50K per day for its developer. The developer has cited the reason of disliking the fame, for removing the app from App Store.


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