Flappy Bird Game Brings In $50,000 Per Day From Ads

It isn’t a surprise these days to see smartphone developers earning $50k, $100k and even $600k a day. Flappy Bird is one game that has been going strong in App Store rankings and the developer Dong Nguyen has been doing pretty well, earning around $50,000 a day from advertisements.

The game itself has been downloaded 50 million times and has been ranking at the top of Google Play and App Store for nearly 30 days now. Also, this isn’t the only game from the developer that is hot right now: Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling have also maintained top spots in the App Store top 10 free list since 30 days, but their earnings remain unknown.

Ellis Hamburger from The Verge has the scoop:
“Super Ball Juggling has also been hovering in the App Store’s top ten, as has Shuriken Block. Neither game as perfectly balances difficulty and fun as Flappy Bird, but it’s become clear that Nguyen has a knack for bite-sized arcade titles. The games’ mechanics are inspired by Nintendo titles Nguyen played as a child, and even by some of the characters therein. Flappy Bird’s titular bird was inspired by Cheep Cheep in Super Mario Bros, as are its iconic green pipes. Adding advertisements to the mix was his modern spin on the titles.”
And there’s no particular reason behind the success of these games. Perhaps changing consumer tastes, because Flappy Bird was released in May last year, and only recently shot to fame all of a sudden.

Nevertheless, the game is simple to play and the developer will be in the millionaire club pretty soon if he isn’t already. Apple’s 30% cut removed, $50,000 collected for 31 days gives around a 1 million figure.

And hey, you can download Flappy Bird free from the App Store too. 


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