Emulator GBA4iOS 2.0 Is Now Available For Download With iPad Support & iOS 7 Controller

A few days ago we reported to you that a big update coming to the huge emulator GBA4iOS 2.0 very soon. The developers told us it would be launching today and they have delivered on that promise. GBA4iOS 2.0 is now available for installation.
GBA4iOS 2.0 is a complete makeover of what was one of the most popular Gameboy Advance emulators for iOS 6 last year, and the new version looks impressive. In addition to a redesigned user interface, GBA4iOS 2.0 packs a new built-in web browser for downloading games directly within the emulator. If you have a Dropbox account, you can store game saves and load ROMs using the cloud storage service.

Using the new GBA4iOS, gamers can play ROMs for Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Color and originally Gameboy games. There are a number of titles available that support this media, and the app includes a built-in web browser for finding them.
And for game cheaters, GBA4iOS 2.0 supports games cheats for people who love using it while playing some games... It also offers full iOS 7 controller support and third party controller skins, and if you have a Dropbox account, you can store game saves and load ROMs using the cloud service.

So from where can you get it ?

Well given Apple’s track record for removing emulators from the App Store, GBA4iOS decided to go with a workaround solution and let users install the app directly from their website. Just click here to install it while on an iPad or iPhone.

Need more info about emulator GBA4iOS 2.0 ?? You can read our full article posted here.

So what do you think guys ?


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