Elite7: a penetrative iPhone theme

Each iOS upgrade presents with itself newer challenges. In the case of iOS7, it has been mostly related to customization when it comes to theme makers. The nature of the iOS7 makes it difficult to customize the interface, hence the need for newer techniques.

A dabble at newer techniques in this regards has been taken, and it is quite impressive. Rob Grohman, based from Philadelphia is going to release an iOS7 theme titled Elite7. This theme would work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is a complete package in many ways.

When the notion of customization is discussed, it is not merely restricted to the aspect of icons. Elite7 is unique in the sense that it targets the complete iOS user interface. This means that no detail is spared.

Nearly all of the iOS elements have been themed in Elite7. The intricacy of detailing can be understood from the fact that even portions such as notification badges have been skinned. This means that all of the glyphs present with the Apple iOS file system have been successfully modified by Grohman.
Each pixel has been focused, leading to very detailed custom icons. This effort creates icons that may look better than their stock counterparts. The notion of consistency can be worked on, since it a major point in all themes.

Elite7 is still in the process of completion. Interested parties can get the beta and subsequent versions via subscription. The release of the theme is expected pretty soon, with a timeline being predicted in the coming week.

This theme would be released on Cydia targeting both iPhone and iPad versions. Apart from the theme, 60 wallpapers would also be given for both HD and SD devices.


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