Cylinder Is Perhaps The Best Clone To The Famous Barrel Tweak

Barrel is one of the awesome jailbreak tweaks that bring unique app icon animations on the iOS homescreen whenever you’re swiping, and it was recently updated for iOS 7. No wonder why so many users have it on their device, including the Cydia founder Saurik.

Reed Weichler’s jailbreak tweak however is quite interesting, and though it doesn’t feature the animations that are promoted by Barrel, it does have effects of its own and other features.

The difference between these tweaks is that users can use a Lua script to add animation effect s to the tweak. Lua itself is a script language, which takes a few code lines for the creation of an animation for this jailbreak app.

The good news however is that the animations of Cylinder don’t require Xcode, OS X code or anything like that: even a simple text editor can be used to write the code. After completion of the screen, you only have to upload and choose the name of the animation in the preferences menu, and there isn’t even a need to respring the device.

After installing the tweak, you can open the preference panel through the stock Settings app and then choose from the 6 built-in animation effects such as Spin, Cube, Chomp. You’ll know why the developer considers it a Barrel clone over here.

Reed however says that Cylinder effects are superior in some instances. He uses Cube animation and shows through side-by-side comparison.

Cyliner is free to download at this moment. To do so, go to Cydia and add this repository address:

You can also find more information about the tweak on /r/jailbreak or the developer’s thread.


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