ColorBadges: An Upcoming Tweak Lets You Colorize App Badges

Sometimes, I love installing some simple tweaks that make a few changes in my iPhone, even if this change is very simple.If you are the same like me, I will be glad to share with you an upcoming jailbreak tweak called ColorBadges, this tweak promises to colorize app badges based on the color of the app icon. For example, if you have a badge on the Cydia app, the color of the badge will be brown, which corresponds to the color of the Cydia app.

See how the color of badge is based on the color of the app icon, Reminders app is white so the badge too and also the Mail and so on... Along with the ability to change the color of badge, ColorBadges adds an outline to the outside of the badge to make the color stand out even more. ColorBadges is a great looking jailbreak tweak, and I think that it significantly improves the look of app badges. It makes it so that you don’t mind having tons of app badges proliferating your Home screen, and that’s saying a lot.

Take a look inside the following video:

Once you install the tweak, you are ready to go as there is no settings to be configured... The tweak should automatically work on your jailbroken device.
The only downside I was able to find for ColorBadges, is that the badges that are placed on folders aren’t changed at all. ColorBadges’ developer, David Goldman, noted to me that this was the case, and recommended that users who wanted to change the look of folder badges check out another tweak called BadgeCustomizer. Here’s hoping that David will build-in a way to customize the default look of app badges in a future update.
ColorBadges, once it officially drops on Cydia, will be available to purchase for $0.99. I think that’s a fair asking price for something that easily improves the look of the iOS Home screen. What do you think?


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