CleverPin: Control The iOS Passcode Like Never Before

Filippo Bigrella recently introduced Springtomize 3, and now he has released a new version for CleverPin, which now works on iOS 7. For those who don’t know, it’s a security-based app that allows you to customize how the passcode works.

For example, you can set the jailbreak app to disable the passcode when you’re charging battery or using a home internet network. Also, you can use it to go past the passcode screen under certain circumstances, such as when you’re working out or at home. The tweak only gives the passcode flexibility, so other security features of your iPhone remain intact.

In the settings, you can enable or disable the passcode through a toggle when listening to music, turning on AirPlane mode, charging the battery and when connecting to networks. The jailbreak app discovers most networks automatically and you can also enter manual networks, apart from LTE and 3G.
There’s also a feature called ‘time interval detection’; it can be used to deactivate the passcode in preset hours. So you can select the time interval when you want to directly bypass the passcode screen. There is also a ‘auto reactivate’ feature, which turns on the passcode if there’s no activity on the device from 1 minute to 12 hours. You can make use of all the features without having to respring the device.
The new update also fixes dimming issues, passcode handling, and compatibility of remote lock and also improves performance in general. The tweak has also been redesigned to look better for the iOS 7 UI.

You can download CleverPin from Cydia for $1.99… It’s working without any problems for us, let us know how it goes for you.


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