BlackBerry Find Friends Feature Coming In 24 Hours

BlackBerry might be going through a lot of trouble, but that hasn’t stopped the Canada-based company from releasing an update to the Black Berry Messenger (BBM). The new update brings the Find Friends feature.

Previously, BBM users had to enter an email address of a person or a BBM id in order to bring him/her in the contacts list, but this new update makes it quite simple by detecting which contacts are on BBM, so they can be easily connected with (much like Viber).

The update will be there in the App Store later in the day, so you can download it as soon as it becomes available. Furthermore, the update also allows you to send out invites to contacts who are not yet using BBM to download. This can be done through an SMS or an email.

BlackBerry also said that over the period of time, features including Channels (a mini chat room) and a Skype-free voice calling feature will be added. Previous updates include sharing options for PPM Pin Barcode, the ability to search BBM contacts on social media, improvements in language support and some more.

BBM is free to download on App Store, and the update is coming in 24 hours, so don’t panic if it doesn’t become available immediately.


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