A3Tweaks confirm AltKeyboard 2 and Auxo 2 Coming For iOS 7

The team behind the popular releases of AltKeyboard and Auxo has lately announced on Twitter that they will be doing something pretty big ‘within the next month’. It indicates that Auxo 2, AltKeyboard 2 and two more packages are on the horizon.

Most of the jailbreaking enthusiasts won’t need much detail on Auxo – which has defined what multitasking is all about. It was also a pretty popular tweak in 2013, and the credit goes to its interface and user experience apart from the features. A3Tweaks have been quite on the second version, but this tweet points out it’s near.

Apart from Auxo 2, the tweet also indicates the appearance of AltKeyboard 2 in the same time. The original version gave users the ability to type use the default keyboard to enter non-alphabetic characters, and didn’t require them to switch between the keyboard, but the current version is only compatible with iOS 6. Auxo 2 and AltKeyboard 2 will therefore carter to users who are jailbroken on iOS 7.
Auxo running on iOS 6 (PREVIEW)
And beside these 2 tweak updates, A3Tweaks also announced they will be launching two more tweaks in the next few weeks. As there are no details mentioned about them, we can’t say what they are going to be…. The best thing we can do is wait and see what the team has In store.

So guys who is excited ? 


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