UnlockSound7: Bring Back Old Unlock Sound In iOS 7

When iOS 7 came to all Apple devices, we've seen a lot of great changes from the design, new app icons, new features and more great things, but I think that many of the naysayers are finally beginning to get used to the way things are.

Now and iOS 7 untethered jailbreak is here, you have the ability to make a lot of changes to iOS 7, for example you can get rid of skeuomorphism, but I never quite understood why they ditched the unlock sound in iOS 7. It’s especially odd when you consider that the lock sound is still there.

Today let me introduce for you a new recently released jailbreak tweak called UnlockSound7, this tweak allows users to regain the iPhone’s iconic unlock sound that occurs when unlocking the device. Take a look at our video walkthrough to see how it works.

Just after you install the tweak on your device, go to the tweak's settings menu where you will see a kill switch, custom unlock sound option, and custom volume level toggle and slider.

The tweak contains instructions on where to place custom sound files in order to use them with UnlockSound7. In most cases, though, it’s simply an install and go affair. There’s really no need to configure the tweak if all you’re interested in is bringing back the unlock sound.
The tweak is available for free at Cydia store via BigBoss repo.. What do you think ? Old great days right ? 


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