Unlockr Provides A New Unlocking Pattern For The iOS 7 Lock Screen

We’ve seen some amazing jailbreak apps since the release of the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak and one area that the developers are keen to work on is the lockscreen. While most of the tweaks deal with notifications and themes, the newly released Unlokcr tweak takes a u turn and works on how users unlock the devices and how safety protocols are applied by the user. 

At the moment, the usual method of using a PIN code for unlocking the device is swipe to unlock and then type in the PIN. Unlockr takes a different path and changes the way the PIN is entered and the swipe is done.

After installing the tweak, a new button will appear the bottom of the screen, tapping which is going to break the screen into four quadrants, which will now become the PIN system. You can define a new pattern by tapping them as many times as you desire, and the same pattern has to be used to unlock the device. Entering the wrong pattern is going to deny you the access.

Please note that this tweak is not going to work with the Touch ID feature, so you need to disable it if you’re using iPhone 5s. Older models are going to work fine though. Let us know if you try out Unlockr and feel free to leave comments about it.


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