Todd Hamilton Goes One Above With This iWatch Concept

iWatch is certainly an intriguing aspect to think of, but what’s more fascinating are the iWatch concepts that have been released so far. The latest one comes from Todd Hamilton, and the 3D artists spruced up his imagination by releasing renderings that are even better than Thomas Bogner’s concept that depicted an iWatch with striking similarity to the Nike Fuelband.

The concept shows the curved display at the front screen and the home screen shows a page controller at the right side. The author mentions pressing the home button redirects the user back to the Home screen, while the user can navigate between pages by swiping up or down.

Check out this concept video:

Todd also mentions Siri, and says tap to activate Siri, pull down to see the notifications and swipe upwards to unlock. But he didn’t mention anything about health tracking.

Apple has two biosensor professionals on the team so there is a significant possibility that iWatch will contain sensors that monitor health levels of the user. Bloomberg also points out that this device will monitor heart rates and other data related to the user’s health.

The artist behind the concept also says that such a device should be aware of its interface orientation and he made a good watch UI design. He says it looks natural and something that Apple can really come up with.

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