This iPhone 6 Concept With 4.7-Inch Display Looks Like A Design Marvel

Almost everyday we see a new concepts for Apple's next generation iPhone which said to called "iPhone 6". Now if you love Apple concepts, probably you will love the following iPhone 6 concept made by Àlex Casabò.

Concepts gives us a future look on how the next generation iPhone will look like.. Alex dreams up a bunch of specs, including an A8 processor (a quad-core jobby clocked at 1.2ghz), 1930mAh battery, and a 600 dpi display which – yes – is very much overkill.

Check out his video preview:

The iPhone 5s has been heavily lauded since arriving in September, with a vastly improved processor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and enhanced camera. But even though the latest and greatest has its fair share of admirers, the fact that it is dwarfed by most other flagship handsets hasn’t gone unnoticed, even by some of the die-hard Apple fans themselves.

Here's some screenshots for the concept: 
Hmm, a lager screen ?? Sounds cool !

What do you think guys ? Wether you liked the concept or not, this is just a "CONCEPT" nothing more.. 


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