Steps To Fix The Notification Center Today View

It’s quite true that jailbreaking has a lot of benefits, but in all its charisma, we can easily forget its drawbacks, such as a few elements not working properly. A lot of users have reported the problem that the Notification Center not displaying the Today information as it is supposed to, and in some instances, the weather and calendar data is not being displayed properly.

While rebooting and respringing the device can lead to a temporary solution, there’s one method that fixes the problem once and for good.

STEPS to follow: 

1. Make use of iFile and head over to /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard or just SSH into the device.
2. Now take this file SectionInfo.plist and rename it to anything else.
3. Respring your phone.
4. Head back to /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard and delete the renamed file from step 2. This is a way to keep a backup, but you can delete directly in step 2 if you know these steps.
5. All of this is going to resent the Notification Center’s Today view. Now go to Settings – Notification Center – toggle on/off every section you want to enable or disable.

These are the only steps required. Let us know if this works as a solution to your problem and feel free to leave comments.


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