Springtomize 3 For iOS 7 Status Update

Right now most of users don't face any problems with iOS 7 untethered jailbreak, especially after updating Mobile Substrate from a few days that makes almost all jailbreak tweaks works on A7 devices like iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Now maybe the next question on everyone's mind is when will major jailbreak tweaks will be updated? We've seen many popular tweaks updated to support iOS 7 like iFile, Barrel and soon we should see Springtomize tweak, yeah you heard it right.

Today popular developer Filippo Bigarella has just announced in a blog post that he is completely rewriting the popular utility tweak Springtomize for its third iteration, and at this point he believes he’s over halfway done…

Here’s an excerpt from Bigarella’s blog post regarding the update:
This is mainly because of the fact that it’s not an update, at all; it’s a complete rewrite, based on a completely new structure designed to solve many of the technical challenges that a big project like Springtomize brings to the game (and if you’ve ever developed an iOS tweak, you may be able to guess some of them).
From that 35-40%, I think I can safely say that, as of now, it’s at least half percent done: the “foundation” on which everything is based is nearly complete, many “hooks” have been written (which means that it already has a lot of features). What’s missing right now is expanding even more the number of available features and… Settings.
Yep, settings are a big missing point when it comes to Springtomize, and require a lot of work and testing: oh, not even counting that they need to be designed to be as user friendly as possible, because I don’t want people to get lost.
In case you haven't heard about Springtomize, maybe this video will show you how popular is this tweak:

Bigarella goes on to say that beta testers have been chosen, and that he can’t wait to show off Springtomize 3′s full potential. He asks that everyone bear with him while he takes his time completing the tweak, and promises we “will not be disappointed.”

At any rate, if you are an A7 device user, make sure to check out our Cydia compatibility list for A7 devices. So will you be happy to see Springtomize installed on your iPhone running on iOS 7 ? Share your thoughts. 


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