Space Blueberry Is Probably The Best Theme For iOS 7

Apple released its new awesome iOS 7 with its totally new design from everything, new stock icons and more flatted, new GUI design and more... Maybe you didn't like the new look of the stock app icons in iOS 7 and wished you can change them, thankfully after the release of Evasi0n7 jailbreak for all Apple devices, we had more opportunities to design our device like what ever we want.

Today we've decided to make a small review about a beautiful theme for iOS 7 called Space Blueberry, the theme changes the stock app icons with a better one and much more beautiful and the best part, it doesn't lag your device or drain your battery.

Space Blueberry provides themed icons for all stock applications minus a few, and for the most part I prefer the new designs over their original counterparts. In particular, the icons for Game Center, Music, Reminders and Safari look much better. The theme also has icons for a handful of popular third-party and jailbreak apps, including: Alien Blue, Cydia, Facebook, iFile, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WinterBoard and YouTube. The theme developer Gionata (@highdetalio) promises more icons by next week.
Unfortunately this Winterboard theme doesn't yet support iPhone 5s, However, all hope is not lost. If you still want to have Space Blueberry on your A7 device, you simply need to manually install the icons using a program like iFile, iFunBox or iExplorer. We previously explained how to change the Cydia logo on iOS 7, and those instructions can be loosely followed to change other icons as well. Ensure that you backup your device to iTunes or iCloud before making any modifications to the iOS filesystem.

Space Blueberry theme is available for free at Cydia store via Modmyi repo. Make sure to tell us your opinion about the theme.. 


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