Scanner Pro Is Free To Download For A Limited Time

One of the professional app development companies for iOS, Readdle, has been the app Scanner Pro free for a week. This is the ultimate app for those who want to scan documents with the iOS camera.

Basically what the app does is that it turns your device into a business scanning tool. The usual price of the app is $6.99, but Readdle has slashed by the price to zero for a seven day period.

Using the app, all the documents are scanned directly within Scanner Pro, and it doesn’t matter if you are scanning a single receipt or multiple reports, as any of them will be converted into high quality PDFs.

There are other features such as automatic edge detection which makes sure that the app is able to differentiate between images and texts, and the same principle applies to the borders of the document. Users can also edit and rearrange the pages with the PDF document.
You can save the scan and then email it from directly within the app and Scanner Pro also supports third-party services like Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox and a few other cloud storage solutions. There is also the iCloud syncing option to take advantage of when using multiple devices.

Scanner Pro can be yours for free from the App Store (6 days left)


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