New Report Claims Apple Will Launch 4.7-Inch And 5.7 Inch iPhones This Year

Today we've got a new report from Chinese publication C Technology which claims that Apple is working on its next generation iPhone which said to be called iPhone 6 with 4.7/5.7 Inches screens and the company will launch them this year. 
The information comes from an unnamed Foxconn executive, who says that Apple will make a “one-time exception” by releasing two iPhones with different sizes. The report notes that there could be a slight deviation in screen size.

The whole information we've got is that Apple is working on Phone 6 could come in one (or two) of these sizes: 4.7 inch, 5.5 inch, 5.7 inch and even a whooping 6-inch. A report from Japan has also claimed that the larger iPhone could have a 1080p screen, but it is unclear how Apple would handle the transition to the new resolution. 

But let us be honest guys, we always loved and wanted to see an iPhone with a bigger screen with more features. In my opinion I like to carry a device with a large screen size and it must has retina display. 

Do you want an iPhone with a larger screen? What do you think would be the perfect size for the iPhone?


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