New in iOS 7.1: remove over-the-air installer from your device

The third beta of iOS 7.1 includes a feature that allows users to delete the over-the-air installation files that are automatically installed whenever an iPhone is connected to AC power, according to German site [Google Translation]. Deletable installation files will allow users who do not wish to upgrade their devices to new versions of iOS to free up valuable space on their devices.

Turns out that the upcoming iOS 7.1 includes a new feature which allows you to delete these over-the-air installation files from your device without applying the update, in order to free up storage space for apps and media…

Just fire up the Settings app and navigate to General > Usage. You’ll see the new iOS 7 Beta 3 item listed in the apps section. If you don’t see it, hit Show All Apps further below.

Tap the iOS 7 Beta 3 entry and then hit the Delete Update button on the next screen to remove the installer from your device.

That wasn’t possible before.

The new feature is especially useful given iOS automatically downloads available over-the-air updates when your device is on Wi-Fi and connected to a power outlet. I mean, folks even wanted to take Apple to court over unwanted iOS 7 install downloads.

First released to developers last week, iOS 7.1 beta 3 also includes a number of visual changes that give iOS 7 a revamped look and feel, including a redesigned Phone dialer, an improved keyboard, and darker colors for the Phone, Messages, and FaceTime apps. It is unclear when Apple plans to release iOS 7.1 to the general public, but a December report suggested the update could launch in March after a lengthy beta testing period.


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