LiveWeatherIcon: Add A Live Weather Effects to Stock Weather App

Among the features jailbreak give to us is the ability to install jailbreak tweaks that changes the look of stock app icons and let them come alive and that's what most of people are looking for. Today we've got a new recently released jailbreak tweak called LiveWeatherIcon, and as the name suggests, the tweak adds some simple live weather effects to the stock weather app icon.

LiveWeatherIcon tweak tells you the current temperature beside it also features animated weather effects to further emphasize the status of the temperature in your area. Check out the tweak in action:

Once install the tweak on your iPhone, there is nothing you should do except watching the live weather icon of your application.

The new app icon still links to the stock Weather app and nothing inside the actual app has been modified. If you have multiple weather locations configured within the weather app, LiveWeatherIcon will display information from the last location displayed in the stock Weather app.

The tweak works good on A7 devices and it is available for $1 at Cydia store via BigBoss repo 


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