JellyLock7: The Best Lock Screen App Launcher

In these days, iPhone users are looking for the quickest ways to launch their favorite apps without needing to enter a passcode or etc... Probably you should try a new recently released jailbreak tweak called JellyLock7. This tweak adds up to 5 app shortcuts to your iPhone's lock screen, where you can quickly launch them with a grabber directly from the lock screen.

JellyLock7 is very useful for people who love launching their favorite apps directly from the lock screen without needing to enter the passcode on their device and launch the app.. The tweak lets you to add up to 5 apps and they will be placed on the circle "As shown above". JellyLock will automatically position them as needed, from left to right beginning with the smallest number that got an app assigned.

Once installing JellyLock7, go to the tweak's settings panel, tap on "App Shortcuts" then you will see about 5 labels available, you can now add up to 5 apps to your iPhone's lock screen and the tweak will take the effect, after making a quick respring of course...

That's not all, JellyLock7 comes with other great features like Hiding camera icon/ disable default unlock behavior..

Also you can change the appearance of the Circle Color, change the size and more great things...

This tweak is inspired by Google's Android lockscreen.... So if you are interested, you can give it a try by downloading JellyLock7 for free from Cydia store via BigBoss repo...

Let us know what do you think about it in our comment section. 


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