iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Said To Patch Evasi0n7 Exploit

Most of you know that Apple has seeded the fourth beta of iOS 7.1 to developers yesterday which comes with some changes and minor bugs fixes for Apple devices. As you can imagine, we've been asked many questions from users, if this new beta kills Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak.. We've got some bad news, but we hope to be wrong.

Until now, we are not sure about anything, which is why we’ve been holding off on reporting about this, but we’ve received word that it’s likely it does. A few hours ago iH8sn0w the well known hacker and the guy behind Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool added weight to the theory saying that it looks like beta 4 patches evasion7′s kernel exploit…

And here’s a tweet from jailbreak developer CoolStar:
Of course you don't understand from anything written above, yeah the same here :).. 

If any of this is true, then it would spell bad news for evasi0n7 and future jailbreakers. You would think that the software—which was first released on December 22—would either have to be reworked to use different exploits, or completely scrapped and rebuilt.

As usual, we can't still confirm these news, but we recommend you not to update your device to iOS 7.1 beta 4 for any reason..


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