Interactive Notifications For Apple’s iOS 8 In A Video

We already know that iOS plays a major role in our lives but it’s not all perfection. A prime example comes in the form of notifications, which have been given a major overhaul since the release of the original firmware back in 2007. However, we still don’t engage with them.

The usual way we’re informed about an activity on the phone is when a banner comes down from the screen’s top, telling you that an app was updated or an email was received, but it’s the same for everything.

Sam Beckett, who’s a graphic designer, has made a new concept that portrays how Apple could be better at notifications in 2014 or what they should appear like on iOS 8.

As you can see, there is addition of a context-sensitive button from the designer, which means that for an email incoming, the notification would give a ‘reply’ option in a shade which would close itself after a reply has been made. After that, the user can return to his/her current activity, something that the current notification don’t allow as the app for which the notification is presented has to be opened for a reply or another action.

Here's your video:

What do you think? These notifications are better or the current ones?


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