iDynamic: Quickly Add Awesome Dynamic Wallpapers For iPhone

iOS 7 came with a lot of new features that made many people feel so happy, there was the Control Centre and there is also Dynamic wallpapers where you can see your wallpaper alive. So in case you are looking for some dynamic wallpapers for your iPhone with a lot of colours and themes, we've got for you a tweak that do this called iDynamic.

Unfortunately, the feature is quite crippled as iOS 7 comes with only the same type of dynamic wallpaper in 7 different colours, so here's how to install it:
  • Launch Cydia
  • Search for iDynamic
  • Select iDynamic from the search results
  • Then tap on Install, followed by the Confirm button to install the jailbreak tweak. It will add an icon for the jailbreak app on your iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Launch the iDynamic app. You will notice that the app includes some free dynamic wallpapers and some paid ones. You can either buy one for $0.99, or the entire set of 5 new dynamic wallpapers for $1.99.

Those are paid wallpapers:
In order to add any dynamic wallpaper, just tap on the image, then the complete set of Wallpapers for that dynamic wallpaper. Tap on the circular tick button at the top right corner. It will inform you that the “New dynamic wallpaper should take effect after respring,” tap on the Respring button to respring the device.
Check out what I'm talking about in this video: 

If you want to revert back to the default wallpapers, then you’ll notice that the fourth wallpaper in the list is the default ones, tap on the circular tick button to restore back to original dynamic wallpapers.


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