iAppLock: Quickly Protect Your Apps And Data

iPhone users have been waiting for any tweak that protect their apps and personal info from being stolen.. For me I've many personal images and messages that I don't want anyone to see them, especially I've some friends who love going around through my device and open each app without my permission.. From now on, you don't have to worry about your images, messages, Facebook account and etc... Because we've got for you a new tweak called iAppLock...

iAppLock is a new recently released jailbreak tweak that promises to protect your apps and personal data from being stolen or seen by anyone. The tweak simply lets you to add a specific passcode for the apps you want to protect...

Once installing the tweak on your iPhone, you will find a new icon installed on your home screen (as shown above). Simply tap on it where you will be asked to add icons you want to protect.
After done choosing what apps you want to be locked, tap on "Save" after that you will be asked to enter a passcode, simply type it.
After setting a passcode to enable lock on the apps you've chosen, you don't have to worry about your personal images and so on...  What if you didn't remember the password ? iAppLock lets you to add an email..
When you fail to unlock 3 times continuously, you can reset your passcode through authentication email, so the app will send you the passcode to your email in order to recover it.

Unfortunately the tweak only lets you lock 5 apps only (Free version), which means you will be able to protect 5 apps only... The developer told us that there is a pro version coming soon which lock all apps..

 In my opinion you should protect the following apps: "Messages/Photos/Phone/Cydia and App Store...  Let us know what do you think about iAppLock which is available for free at Cydia store via BigBoss repo...

 As I said above, this is a free version and it just offers you to lock 5 apps only... You can wait for the pro version which will be available very soon.... Let us know what do you think about iAppLock in our comment section.


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