How To Pin Favorite Contacts In iOS 7 Notification Center

The Notification Center has been an intriguing part of the iOS ecosystem since its inception, but unfortunately Apple hasn’t recognized the possibilities offered by this area. Thankfully we have jailbreak developers that are determined to do whatever they can to enhance the functionality NC has to offer.

And because of their efforts, we now have Favorite Contacts 7 for NotificationCenter. This new tweak showcases a functionality that should have been present in the Notification Center since the beginning and it carters to the latest iOS version – the iOS 7.

After installation, this tweak adds a new row that displays icons in the Notification Center. These icons are similar to the ones that are used in your phone book, or in other words, it pins the contacts that you have marked as favorites in the Notification Center, and you can contact the pinned individuals in a number of ways.

You can decide whether you want to see just an image or just a text, and the contact options include an email, an iMessage or a direct call. The advantage is that the Notification Center can be brought while performing any task, so this gives quick access to favorite contacts.

Favorite Contacts 7 for NotificationCenter can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. Leave your thoughts if you try it out.


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