How To Fix Status Bar Issue After Jailbreaking iOS 7

iOS 7 untethered jailbreak is here with many benefits and made our devices much better than before, thanks for Eva3drs team. Although there is still a number of bugs that be encountered along the way. One of these bugs is the status bar issue on your jailbroken iPhone, the status bar turning black and not disappearing in stock apps like Calculator, Camera, Photos and Weather. This was an annoying nuisance that I was facing on my own iPhone up until this morning, when I discovered StatusBarFix2
So what does this bug do ? Statue bar is caused by Cydia moving the location of stock apps, and StatusBarFix2 resolves that issue.Thankfully this new recently released tweak is completely safe and fix this issue forever.. it is a Substrate-based extension — and can be uninstalled from Cydia with no side effects. In the event that your status bug refuses to fix itself, a few additional troubleshooting steps have been outlined by the tweak’s developer pNre.

The official package description reads as follows:
1. Open the app (e.g. Stocks).
2. Connect via SSH to your device.
3. Run (in the SSH shell): killall -9 Stocks (if the app is Stocks)
4. Stocks closes.
5. Reopen it.
6. Bug gone.
All what you have to do is to add the following repo: to your Cydia sources by going to Manage--->Sources--->Add.. After the repo is installed on Cydia, you should see the tweak available for free..

Does the problem fixed ?


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