How To Create A Wonderful Lock Screen On iOS 7

Many iPhone users love to customize the look of their lock screens on iOS 7 and I am one of them of course. Since jailbreak is here, it gives us more open world to make infinite changes to the lock screen, by installing some tweaks you will totally have a different lock screen, so I've added some tweaks responsible for changing the lock screen on iOS 7.

 Shall we start please ?

1) Set up a nice Wallpaper 
You may not feel it at once, but believe me, setting a beautiful wallpaper makes your lock screen looks beautiful and shiny especially when you are writing your passcode. Try to add humble and simple wallpapers for your device like a flower, cars and so on... Just avoid setting wallpapers with many words and saying that makes your device's lockscreen looks horrible.

If you are looking for some wallpapers, please kindly visit our friendly iPhone wallpapers website.

2)Tweak Status Bar
There is something different in the tweak status bar, right ? In this section, the best tweaks that can help you to change the status bar of your iPhone is Zeppelin and No Percentage tweaks. Eliminating the carrier logo and battery percentage indicator will give a nice look of the status bar.

Zeppelin can also be used to set a custom carrier logo, if you prefer that, although the tweak has not yet been recompiled to support A7 chip devices like the iPhone 5s and new iPads – rest assured, that’s coming soon.

3) Remove The Grabber
If you’re looking for the easiest way to remove the Camera, Control Center and Notification Center grabbers from the Lock screen, look no further than customLS. Removing the pull tabs is also possible with TabLess, but customLS gives you the ability to replace slide to unlock with custom text, remove the clock, set custom legal text, and more. Control Center and Notification Center are still accessible from the Lock screen after removing the grabbers, and they can be easily re-enabled through the customLS menu in the Settings app. Both tweaks are free on Cydia.

4) Customize the look of Passcode lock: 

Getting bored from the numeric passcode lock on your iPhone ? Wish you use another type of passcodes ? The answer of all of these questions is AndroidLock XT jailbreak tweak. This tweak somehow borrows some functionality from Android by allowing you to set a pattern lock instead of a numerical passcode. Other features include a customizable appearance, an option to set no pattern if connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, a max attempt limit, emergency calling, and compatibility with other tweaks like LockCalendar, LockInfo, Cydgets and BuddyLock.

AndroidLock XT will cost you $1.99 from Cydia store. 

5) Choose A Nice Theme

Choosing a nice simple theme also gives your device's homescreen a nice look. The one I am using above is a theme called Space BlueBerry, it is a Winterboard theme which is available for free at Cydia store via Modmyi repo.. 
Also if you have tried some themes on your iPhone, consider sharing them with us and don't forget to leave your opinion about the look of your iPhone's lock screen. 


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