How much storage space does your 16GB Smartphone really have?

All smartphones you've purchased doesn't come with the exactly size you hoped. To be more clear, when you buy a 16GB iPhone, it doesn't really have 16GB.. Last year customers who bought Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets found out that their 64GB tablet had only 23GB free storage space, just 36% percent of the advertised storage space. Not surprisingly, this didn’t go down too well with customers.
We made some comparison on the 16GB,because 16GB models are quite popular as it is the entry level model. So the question is how much storage space does your 16GB phone have?

Folks at the Which magazine ran a quick test on eight different 16GB smartphones and they are: Apple iPhone 5c/ Google Nexus 5/ Apple iPhone 5s/ Sony Xperia Z1/ BlackBerry Z30/ HTC One Mini/ LG G2/ Samsung Galaxy S4... 
So as you can see, Samsung’s flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the least amount of free storage space. It has just 8.56GB or just 54% of the advertised storage space.

Fortunately, iPhone 5c/ Nexus 5 and iPhone 5c took thetop honors with 12.60GB, 12.28GB and 12.20GB respectively. While it is understandable that some of the space is occupied by the operating system that is required to run the device, Which? magazine found that in some cases unwanted bloatware and system files occupy 46 per cent of the phone’s internal storage.

Apple’s more affordable (relatively) iPhone, the 5c, is the most generous of the 16GB phones we’re recently tested, giving you 12.6GB of memory (79%) to play with. Meanwhile Google’s new Nexus 5, which runs on the Android operating system like the S4,, is relatively bloatware free with 12.28GB (77%) of usable space. The iPhone 5s is in bronze position, providing 12.2GB (76%) of usable storage.

Before you rush out to buy any of the three phones just named, you should note that none of them have memory card slots. So while they may have the largest usable internal memories, you can’t add to them by using a cheap memory card. In contrast, you can massively boost the S4’s memory, adding an extra 64GB of storage for only around £40. To combat the S4′s storage issues, Samsung allows you to install apps directly to its memory card.

Does claimed storage size matter?
If you can so easily add to the phone’s memory, does the advertised internal memory size really matter? Well, yes it does. Ultimately, it’s not fair; as you aren’t getting the space you expected or are being promised. And while it’s easy to check whether a phone has a memory card slot, there’s no easy way to find out much actual storage space they have to offer.

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