Galaxy S5 Concept Video: Reach ID Unlock Anywhere From The Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be the next release, which is for sure. But Samsung hasn’t given us anything on what the device is going to be like. This isn’t stopping concept designers from releasing their own creations of what it could look like, with the latest concept coming from Rozetked.

He shows that the device can be like a large-sized iPhone. The Galaxy S5 in this designer’s concept comes with a flat back and a round front: strikingly similar to the iPhone 5s. He has also included ‘Reach ID’, which shows the entire screen as a fingerprint sensor. This means users can unlock the device through the entire screen opposed to only a touch ID button as on the 5s.

Here's the video:

Reach ID also shows a voice control feature, which can wake up the device. The end of the video shows
what the screen size can be: 5.2 inches with a resolution of 2560*1440. 3 GB RAM and 64-bit Exynos Octa CPU would add icing on the cake with this one.

This is just a concept however, and we would have to wait and see what Samsung comes up with. But if it’s going to be anything close to this video, or even half of it, its surely going to be quite popular.


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