Enable Slow Motion Video Capture On Unsupported Devices [Video]

When Apple introduced iPhone 5s and iPhone 5s, one of the flagship features we've seen in these devices is Slow motion video capture which lets you record a slow motion video with different FPS qualities...Right now this feature is available for older devices like iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5 and the rest of devices Using Slo-mo Mod tweak.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this tweak, but after giving it a shot, I came away thoroughly impressed. No, it doesn’t allow you to have 120 fps video capture, but it will do 60 fps on the iPod touch 5th-gen hardware, and that’s more than enough frames to come away with some excellent looking slow motion video.
Slo-Mo mod features a preference panel in the stock settings app, and you’ll want to venture there briefly, to make sure that the FPS settings work for your device. If you’re running an iPhone 5 or an iPod touch 5th-gen, then 60 FPS works fine. I tried to bump the FPS up to 120 on my iPod touch, but the Camera app just crashed after doing so. If you stay under the 60 FPS threshold on this last-gen devices, then you should be fine .
For getting the best qualities for older devices like iPhone 4/iPhone 4S/iPad 2 and iPad 3, should use 30 FPS You can try tinkering with a frame rate higher than that, but your results may vary. 

Once you have the frame rate information configured, you can head to the stock Camera app to start enjoying slow motion mode.

Now all what you have to do is opening camera app and swipe to the “Slo-mo” section in the stock Camera app, and start shooting video. You’ll notice that the frame rate is much higher than normal, so the view finder will seem a little herky-jerky as you focus on your subject. It’s not as noticeable at 60 FPS as it is with 120 FPS, but it’s still noticeable.
Although the resulting slow motion video wasn’t as silky smooth as you’ll find with the native slow motion mode found on the iPhone 5s, it’s hard to complain about this jailbreak tweak. Slo-mo Mod is giving you one of the iPhone 5s’ most noteworthy features for free, and it works much better than one would expect on previous generation devices like the iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5th generation.

You can download Slo-Mo Mod from Cydia store for free via BigBoss repo.


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