Download Hipjot & Take Advantage Of A New Swype-Keyboard On iOS

You might already be aware why the Swype keyboard is so cherished by smartphone users, and looks like it’s still in demand as a new Swype-based style keyboard has been created by Yose Widjaga. This keyword allows you to take advantage of swipe gestures with double hands and type, which makes the process of word completion very quick.
It requires a bit work to get used to the application, but the developer promises that you can expect to go to 70 to 90 words a minute, and Yose himself was able to get to 120.

Here’s the app’s description (via MacRumors):
“Hipjot is a slick notes app, featuring a unique slide keyboard that lets you input words SUPER fast, letting you reach 70-90 words per minute with ease. Beats writing on paper for sure.
It’s just like typing normally (especially when using two fingers), except you don’t have to tap the screen everytime you want to type letters that are next to each other. Words like “awesome”, “sweden”, “suppose” and “seriously” become so much faster to type. “
And here's a video shows the app in action:  

And this is the video of the developer’s 120 word per minute landmark You might not be aware that you can’t install third-party keyboards on iOS, so the only way you are going to get a taste of this one is when you download the Hipjot application.

 It was also revealed that Nuance talked to the firm at a point, but the discussion never became a reality. The SDK option, such as the Flesky keyboard that allows developers to integrate a swipe keyboard into their apps, is still present, but hasn’t been focused in large numbers.

 So at this point, you can try the new keyboard by downloading the Hipjot application for $1.99 from the App Store. Do let us know your thoughts if you give it a try.


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