CyDelete: Allows Cydia Apps To Be Deleted From The Home Screen

When anyone try to delete any app icon from home screen, he simply tap and hold on the app icon until the apps start to dance where there will be "X" button available on the icons so that you can tap on it in order to delete them. Unfortunately this feature cannot be done on jailbreak tweaks, which means you don't have the ability to quickly delete them without needing to go to Cydia store, search for the tweak then remove it. So today let me introduce for you CyDelete, a tweak that allows you to quickly remove tweaks from home screen without needing to remove them from Cydia and uninstall the package.

 As you can see, wiggle mode is enabled on the iPhone and you can simply tap on the x button to delete jailbreak tweaks like iFile, Winterboard and more.. without needing to uninstall the package from Cydia store.

CyDelete tweak works on iOS 7 and it supports A7 devices also.

The tweak is a nice tweak and you will no more waste time in uninstalling the packages by going to Cydia every time.

CyDelete7 is free on the BigBoss repository. Give it a try and let us know how you fare.


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