Convergance: An Upcoming Jailbreak App Aims To Transform iOS 7 Lock Screen

iPhone users who are running their jailbroken devices on iOS 7 are probably missing some jailbreak tweaks that used to change the look of their device like for example IntelliScreenX, LockInfo, DreamBoard and more.. I know that most of you miss these awesome lock screen tweaks, but probably you have to check out this upcoming tweak called Convergance (We're not spelling it wrong.).

Mark the creator of this tweak, says that “Convergance is not just a theme, it is a bold new direction”.

He writes:
Convergance takes the beauty of iOS, and combines it with a subtle tone of minimalism. It’s a convergence of art, an expression of functionality.
Every detail has been considered, from the ease of use of the widget feed to the smallest of animations. The lock slider elegantly melts away the interface to reveal your applications running underneath. The blurred background helps to make the information most important to you much more visible, and when you change the wallpaper, the whole feel of the interface changes with it.
Conceptualisation is key to a coherent theme, and Convergance is no different. Every element is painstakingly drawn by hand, and then evolved to flow into the overall theme. Concepts of designs are not just beautiful imagery; an interface is an extension of you. Each concept is rigorously tested to feel like that extension, to be an absolute joy to use.
Theming engines restrict the depth of integration themes can achieve, creating inconsistencies. Independence from these engines allows for a much deeper feel, and serves to be more functional. Convergance takes advantage of this independence, creating a beautiful interface perfectly blended into the design and workflow of iOS.
Whilst they may restrict integration, theming engines can form the heart of something immensely personal. Customisability runs deep in Convergance; when you change your theme, you’ll experience a whole new interface. Even the information displayed in the widget feed can be changed, enabling you to create the interface most perfectly suited to you.
Interesting right ? You will get more excited after watching this video preview for the tweak:  

It looks quite cool and adds lots of functionality to the Lock screen. It is an independent jailbreak app, and does not depend on WinterBoard or DreamBoard. It doesn’t support iPad currently, but the developer plans to add iPad support in the future.

The developer didn't provide us with any info about the public release for the tweak, but you can try the beta version by pre-ordering your copy today by donating $2. Check out this webpage for more details.

Let us know what do you think about this tweak and do you really wish to see it on your iPhone ?


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