Controllers For All: iOS Gaming Just Got Extreme [Video]

For all iOS gamers out there, there is great news as the jailbreak community has received Controllers For All, a new Cydia tweak turns your iDevice into (no better way to put it) a gaming console. Hats off to the developer Ori Kadosh, who has promised more controllers, will be compatible in the future.

At the moment, it works with the Dual Shock 3, and all you need to do is pair the iDevice with PS3 controller with a utility. It goes by the name SixPair and is available for Linux, PC and Mac. You just need to pair once and more instructions are available as well .

After that, you can connect both your iDevice and your controller to Linux, Mac or PC box for pairing. After the pairing has been done, disable the Bluetooth connection on your iDevice (from the control center disable Bluetooth toggle). After that, open the game that is MFi controller based and tap the PS button on the controller when asked. Note that the tweak makes use of BTstack.

Check out this video:

When playing any of the games, you can check on Google and see whether your game has MFi controller support. In Settings, you can only disable pairing notifications and there is no more configurations required.
You can download Controllers For All from Cydia’s ModMyi repository for $1.99. Let us know your thoughts on this release.

Here's Sonic 2 running with lighting digital AV Controller: 


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