Charge An iPhone 5/5s Without A Lightning Connector (Video)

Wireless charging is nothing new when it comes to smartphones, but all eyes remain on Apple as the company has a reputation of releasing groundbreaking products, which is what is expected of them in this regard as well.

Until then, iOS users can look into WiTricity’s wireless charging option; it gives the ability to charge an iPhone without requiring a lightning connector. This solution is not a usual wireless charger, but is ‘a quantum leap forward’ when it comes to convenience and use of charging consumer devices.

The main aim of the company is to bring it to the larger section of the iPhone users, but for starters, WiTricity is making efforts for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. (Just as shown in the picture above).

The press release from the company says that the solution depends on a magnetic resonance and powers up devices when they are placed on a sleeve. Therefore a user can install a WiTricity pad below a table and put the device on top to see it in action.

Check out the video:

Also, WiTricity can power devices through different surfaces ranging from plastic and glass to wood and granite. One pad can charge multiple devices, but induction systems would depend on multiple coils.

This is just a concept video, and not sure whether WiTricity is planning to go with this. Nevertheless it’s an amazing portrayal of the future of wireless charging.


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