CCControls: Probably The Best Control Center Tweak For iOS 7

A couple of days ago we reviewed a Control Center tweak called CCSettings, this tweak allows you to add useful toggles to Control Center in iOS 7, but unfortunately it didn't change the theme of the toggles or something...  But today I've got another Control Center tweak called CCControls, this tweak is considered as one of the best control center tweaks for iOS 7.

Now if you are looking for more toggles options and the ability to customize them by adding a lot of kinds of themes and choose the number of toggles appear per page, then I recommend using CCControls tweak. Check the following video and you will understand what I mean.

CCControls features a nice array of options, but it primarily focuses on customizing the shortcut toggles that appear at the top of the Control Center menu overlay. These toggles can be customized by means of the FlipSwitch framework, which adds a ton of additional toggles to the mix, along with the ability to quickly rearrange, reorder, and disable specific toggles. All of this can be performed on the fly, in real time, and the changes take place immediately without the need to respring.

Now if you want to customize toggles colors themes, you can go to Settings---> CCControls tweak's settings preference, then you will see many options like "Themes, Controls per page" and more... Tap on "themes" to customize the look of your toggles: 
 See there is  a lot of colors like Green, Red, Black, White and more... 

Lastly, you’ll find a section to restrict certain toggles from being used on the Lock screen, and a section for establishing paging preferences. All in all, CCControls doesn’t do anything groundbreaking that you’ve never seen before, but its presentation, design, and usability makes it one of the must have tweaks of the iOS 7 jailbreak’s young tenure. Better yet, CCControls is a free download on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

So what do you think guys ? Which one is better CCControls or CCSettings ?


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