BiteSMS Now Supports iPhone 5s

BiteSMS enthusiasts with the latest iPhone models are in for good news. BiteSMS 8.0 beta 7 is now publicly available. It has several bug fixes, but most importantly becomes compatible with the iPhone 5s.

It has been a while since the beta was out, but the compatibility was only limited to old model devices because of A7 64-bit processor complications, which isn’t the case anymore though. For those who aren’t aware of this app, it is simply a replacement to the stock messaging app of Apple and includes features such as scheduled messages, quick compose, reply etc.
Check out the following video review: 

The previous versions of biteSMS 8.0 weren’t that good, but this update is expected to be more stable. It’s also possible for anyone to be a part of the biteSMS family by downloading this tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. For the beta version, Cydia sources also have to be updated with the following:


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